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Celox Celox Gauze Roll 5-foot By 3-inch from Celox
(click images to enlarge) Celox Celox Gauze Roll 5-foot By 3-inch from Celox

Celox Celox Gauze Roll 5-foot By 3-inch from Celox

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Atlanta Wireless Security is happy to offer the brilliant Celox Gauze Roll 5-foot By 3-inch.

With so many purchase offers recently, it is a good idea to have a brand you can count on. The Celox Gauze Roll 5-foot By 3-inch is known across North America and will be a perfect choice for your next do it yourself security projects.

For this reduced price, the Celox Gauze Roll 5-foot By 3-inch comes widely recommended and is a regular choice amongst most people. Celox have included some nice touches and this results in good value for money.

Aids help save lives by managing bleeding in minutes, operates in hypothermic situations No warmth, no burning. Sterile, watertight, effortless-open up packaging for solitary dose. No specific storage specifications. Simple to get rid of from wound.

CELOX is an more than-the-counter blood clotting agent that provides quick first assist treatment for all sorts of bleeding--from cuts, scrapes, and nosebleeds to moderate and severe bleeding. CELOX is so successful, it truly is been verified to function even in the existence of prevalent anticoagulant blood thinning drugs--a welcome breakthrough for the forty million Us citizens who are on blood thinners and who can endure from critical bleeding troubles.

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Very first Support Products
At a Glance:
  • Perhaps life-protecting blood-clotting goods obtainable for home, function, school, and participate in

  • Operates in the existence of prevalent anticoagulant blood thinners

  • Protected and successful for males, girls, children, and older grown ups

  • Simple to use--even for those with out healthcare coaching

  • Clots most bleeding in 30 seconds

  • Properly clots even hypothermic blood
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CELOX Granules
Life-protecting flakes reduce blood decline. View more substantial.
CELOX--For Peace of Thoughts

Time to clot blood

Place CELOX in your automobile, purse, briefcase, gymnasium bag, backpack, resource box, and first assist kit.

Have it on hand to supply a more secure surroundings in the kitchen, in the garage, on the playing subject, at the campsite, and almost everywhere you go.

Verified to Be Effective
Initially produced to assist navy medics, CELOX provides quick, successful first assist for males, girls, children and older grown ups, and it truly is effortless to use even if you have no first assist or healthcare coaching. CELOX has even been verified to function in the cold (in situations of hypothermia).

This possibly life-protecting blood clotting agent is obtainable in three practical formulation:

one. CELOX Very first Support Granular
Pour right on a wound and utilize pressure--it won't sting or burn up. Bleeding normally stops inside of 30 seconds.

2. CELOX Nosebleed Dressing
A little, specifically shaped CELOX-bonded pad that can be very easily and comfortably inserted in the nostril to speedily stop nosebleeds.

3. CELOX Gauze Pads and CELOX Gauze Roll
Pliable gauze bonded with comprehensive-power CELOX granules.

How CELOX Operates
When the productive ingredients in CELOX appear into speak to with blood, they speedily swell, gel, and stop bleeding. CELOX's strong clotting ingredients function independently of the body's regular clotting processes, and they only gel with the blood they appear right into speak to with. CELOX provides possibly life-protecting strength as it stops bleeding, lowers blood decline, and in the event of severe bleeding, helps prevent shock.

A Must-Have for Each and every Very first Support Kit
CELOX Very first Support goods are effortless to carry in your purse, briefcase, backpack, gymnasium bag, glove compartment, resource box, or deal with box. Possessing CELOX Very first Support goods on hand instantaneously can make your workshop, garage, automobile, boat, or home a more secure surroundings.

CELOX empowers men and women to respond more effectively in any bleeding scenario. If a bleeding emergency occurs, you will be ready. CELOX is so successful, it helps address accidents that call for expert healthcare attention, so you can be proactive until expert support comes. When every second counts, CELOX puts time on your side.

What is actually in the Box
Hemostatic first assist solution.

Decide on from These Life-Protecting CELOX Very first Support Products
CELOX First Aid Temporary Traumatic Wound Treatment, 2g 10 packCELOX First Aid Temporary Traumatic Wound Treatment 25gCELOX Nosebleed Dressing, 5-PadsCELOX Gauze Roll, 5-Foot by 3-InchCELOX Gauze Pad, 8-Inch by 8-Inch
Very first Support Short term Traumatic Wound Treatment, 2 grams (ten pack)Very first Support Short term Traumatic Wound Treatment, 25 gramsNosebleed Dressing
(5 pads)
Gauze Roll, 5' x 3"Gauze Pad, eight" x eight"

Helps save lives by controlling bleeding in minutes, works in hypothermic conditions No heat, no burning. Sterile, waterproof, easy-open packaging for single dose. No special storage requirements. Easy to remove from wound.