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Employee theft is an issue many business owners deal with on a daily basis and there are several different ways one can go about protecting oneself from the possibility of theft in the work place. By utilizing a hidden video camera, businesses can provide a deterrent discouraging this behavior in employees ultimately cutting down the possibility of employee theft being a concern ever again. But there are additional ways of utilizing a hidden video camera in any business and the benefits as great.

A hidden video camera is simply a video camera strategically placed so as unable to be seen by any one at it's particular location. So by simply placing the exact same video camera in the open, where it can be seen by anyone, shoplifters will have no other choice but to reconsider their pending dishonest behavior. And so, the now 'unhidden' video camera serves basically the same purpose as the video camera that was hidden, just in a slightly different way, making it's usages extremely versatile.