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GE Security Ge 2-wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector 521bxt by GE Security
(click images to enlarge) GE Security Ge 2-wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector 521bxt by GE Security

GE Security Ge 2-wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector 521bxt by GE Security

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Atlanta Wireless Security is happy to sell the often recommended Ge 2-wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector 521bxt.

With so many buying offers today, it is a good idea to have a brand you can count on. The Ge 2-wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector 521bxt is known across North America and will be a great choice for your next do it yourself security projects.

For this great price, the Ge 2-wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector 521bxt comes widely recommended and is always a regular choice for many people. GE Security have included some great touches and this results in great value.

The ESL 521 Collection self-diagnostic, two-wire smoke detectors are the industry's first traditional direct-wire smoke detectors with analog features this sort of as remote preservation/problems reporting (CleanMe), drift compensation, and multi-criteria detection. The 521 Collection continuously keep track of their own sensitivity and operational status, and offer a visible and remote problems problem if they drift out of the sensitivity range or fail interior diagnostics. This satisfies NFPA 72 area sensitivity tests specifications without having the require for external meters. The 521 has a exclusive element enabling it to mail a sign (CleanMe) to the ESL 505 module (offered independently) when it has drifted outside the house of its UL Listed sensitivity range or has failed its interior diagnostics examination. The 505 is an interface module that will sign a 24V panel through relays when the 521 is dirty.
A number of 12V and 24V manage panels have the CleanMe software package constructed in, reducing the require for the 505 module. When CleanMe is not desired, just depart the change on the 521 off and it will perform as a regular two wire detector. CleanMe enables the installer time to schedule a service call and steer clear of a bogus alarm.
Time among cleaning detectors is dramatically elevated since of the 521's constructed-in drift compensation.
This element, usually only accessible in analog systems, enables the detector to routinely change its sensitivity above time as it becomes dirty, escalating the lifestyle of the detector.

And when the 521 has informed you that cleaning is needed, it really is basically a snap with ESL's patented area replaceable optical chamber.