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Simplisafe home alarm system

Simplisafe home alarm system


Brought to you by Atlanta Wireless Security, Simplisafe is a fantastic home alarm system from a name that you can trust.

The wireless system from Simplisafe is an affordable home alarm system that despite its multitude of functions, is remarkably easy to install and set up, even for the DIY novice. The system is highly customizable with a wide range of add on accessories to help build the perfect wireless alarm system for your home.

The Simplisafe home alarm system base can manage up to 41 different simplisafe sensors and has built in 24/7 live monitoring and cellular backup systems for that extra piece of mind. In the event of an alarm trigger, your Simplisafe alarm system will notify and dispatch the relevant authorities. You will find no other wireless alarm system with as many features and capabilities as the Simplisafe Wireless Home Alarm System.

So if you are looking for a comprehensive, easy to use, easy to install and affordable system to provide complete protection for your home, then the wireless system from Simplisafe is a great home alarm system that gets fantastic user reviews and is the most user friendly system on the market.

Watch the Simplisafe video to learn all about this fantastic alarm system and visit Atlanta Wireless Security now to get your Simplisafe Wireless Home Alarm System at an amazing price.